The Seven Ages is the name given to the time period of Pre-Industrial era of Bre'Mar. As its name states, it is comprised of seven "Ages" comprising of 1000 years (roughly 790 000 ED (Earth Days)). Each age is named after the first major or significant event that occurs in Bre'Mar within those thousand years. Although sometimes included when referencing The Seven Ages, the time period does not actually include the Precursor Era, the time before the Common Calender was instituted by the Mortos in the First Age.


  • First Age: Age of Enlightenment, 65,112,680-65,110,516 BCE </li>
  • Second Age: Age of Conflict, 65,110,515-65,108,351 BCE </li>
  • Third Age: Age of Destruction, 65,108,350-65,106,186 BCE </li>
  • Fourth Age: Age of Retribution, 65,106,185-65,104,021 BCE </li>
  • Fifth Age: Age of Undeath, 65,104,020-65,101,856 BCE </li>
  • Sixth Age: Age of Darkness, 65,101,865-65,099,691 BCE </li>
  • Seventh Age: Age of Renaissance, 65,099,690-65,097,526 BCE </li>

    First Age: Age of Enlightenment

    The First Age encomposes the time period equvilant to 65,112,680-65,110,516 BCE. It represents the creation of the Common Calender by the Mortos, based around the first recorded contact with the Oberonians.